Get the Online Doctor’s Note You Need With HealthTap

HealthTap provides the online doctor note you need to stay home from work or school with its virtual consultations with doctors who can prescribe medication and order lab tests on your behalf. With this telehealth platform, you’ll never miss a deadline again!


HealthTap, founded by serial entrepreneur Ron Gutman, is an app that lets you get the online doctor’s note you need without visiting an urgent care clinic. With thousands of doctors across 147 specialties available to answer your queries and offer advice on medical matters, HealthTap can be your go-to for fast medical answers.

Additionally, the company offers an AI symptom checker that will give intelligent explanations for your symptoms and help decide if a visit with a doctor is necessary. Furthermore, its app stores personal data like lab results, prescriptions and consultation notes in a secure place.

HealthTap has a stringent onboarding process for physicians who wish to join its network. They must be licensed in the United States, in good standing with no disciplinary actions against them.


If you miss work or school due to illness, a doctor’s note from a licensed physician is likely necessary. These notes, sometimes referred to as “return to work” letters, certify that you are healthy enough to return to your previous position or educational pursuits.

HealthTap provides 24/7 accessibility to an expansive network of U.S.-licensed physicians and dentists through video or text chat sessions. Plus, the service includes a free library of questions that doctors answer as well as an automated symptom checker which helps determine if you need to see a physician.

This service works by allowing you to fill out a brief appointment request form that outlines your symptoms and why you want to see a doctor. Once payment is processed successfully, you’ll be linked to an almost immediate virtual consultation with a doctor.

Saved in your account

If you’re unable to visit your doctor in person, HealthTap makes it easy to obtain an online doctor’s note from a Canadian physician.

HealthTap saves a copy of each doctor’s note in your account for easy reference later, plus printing it is free and convenient if needed.

This provides patients with access to medical advice without having to spend time and money visiting a doctor’s office.

That is the unifying vision that unites all the web sites and apps in the healthcare space: direct, intimate connections between doctors and patients.

Though many websites and apps focus on automation, HealthTap strives to make those goals more tangible by creating a platform that brings the authentic experience of interacting with a doctor to Apple Watch. Utilizing smart data in order to help physicians reach patients at the right time is a major component of their strategy.

Available 24/7

HealthTap is a healthcare platform that strives to make medical care accessible and affordable for individuals of all ages. It provides both Urgent Care and Primary Care services, both with and without insurance, via live video or text chat sessions.

This service is an ideal way to receive help for minor ailments or health questions, at a relatively low cost compared to other telehealth options. Furthermore, doctors can fill prescriptions and order lab tests through this platform.

This telemedicine platform is accessible to consumers across all 50 states, offering 24/7 access to urgent care and ongoing primary care from board-certified doctors across 147 specialties. Members enjoy a range of advantages such as free answers to health questions from registered doctors and unlimited texting with their long-term personal primary care doctor.

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