How Can a Real Estate Agent Lose Their License?

How can a real estate agent lose their state licensing? The real estate commission of your state will investigate your history of criminal activity and take action if it becomes apparent that you are engaged in deceptive behavior. There are many reasons why an agent could lose their license, including misrepresentation, deliberate ambiguity, exaggeration, or omissions. The best way to avoid these problems is to be truthful and avoid any type of sloppiness with contract filling.

Failure to meet CE requirements is a serious offense. A failure to meet the CE requirements can lead to your license suspension and late fees. If your license was suspended due to insufficient CE, you will have to take additional courses to get it reinstated. In most states, you will have one year to retake pre-licensing education to get it reinstated. In some states, you can petition for reinstatement if you meet all of the requirements for reinstatement.

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Certain crimes have been defined as “major crimes,” and the Board has determined that these crimes constitute a substantial risk to the public’s health, safety, or welfare. In addition, the Board has determined that certain crimes are indicative of a lack of moral character and are reasonably related to the profession. If you meet these criteria, you will have the opportunity to challenge your license and appeal to the Board.

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