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Using their cloud platform and machine learning applications, Wiggersventurebeate is aiming to be the one company to unlock experimental data for scientific and drug discovery. Already working with 12 large pharmaceutical companies, tetrascience is poised to take on the $300 billion experimental data cloud market.

tetrascience is taking on the $300 billion experimental data cloud market

Founded in 2014, TetraScience is an R&D Data Cloud company. It is a cloud-native platform that has been designed to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry. The platform has a growing network of R&D data producers and consumers. It provides data-centric capabilities that address challenges specific to lab operations. TetraScience is actively deploying across enterprise celeblifes pharma and biotech organizations.

TetraScience’s mission is to accelerate discovery and improve human health. Its R&D Data Cloud is engineered to deliver actionable scientific data and improve data integrity and quality controls. Its cloud connects data apps, informatics software, and lab instruments. TetraScience has partnered with leading global system integrators and technology companies to develop a data cloud optimized to speed scientific outcomes.

TetraScience’s scientific data cloud is currently being deployed in 10 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, as well as in collaboration with some of the world’s most wearfanatic innovative biopharma companies. Its platform connects data apps, lab instruments, and informatics software, and re-engineers raw data into Tetra Data(tm), a scientific data model that provides data scientists with flexibility and scalability.

tetrascience is already working with approximately 12 large pharmaceutical companies

Founded in 2014 by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, TetraScience has grown into a scientific data cloud provider for the global pharmaceutical industry. It’s taken a four-step approach to developing a comprehensive solution for R&D labs.

TetraScience’s flagship product, the R&D Data Cloud, is an open cloud-native platform that allows for the collection, harmonization, and processing of life science data. Designed to optimize scientific outcomes, the platform connects lab instruments, informatics software, data apps, and QC data. The platform is available as a SaaS solution in the AWS Marketplace. TetraScience also collaborates with the world’s top BioPharma companies and system integrators.

TetraScience has raised $80 million in Series B funding, led by Alkeon Capital Management and Insight Partners. The investment is designed to expand TetraScience’s go-to-market capabilities. TetraScience will use the funds to grow its team and develop new technology.

tetrascience’s cloud platform and machine learning applications will serve as building blocks for future R&D discovery

Founded by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers, TetraScience is a cloud technology company dedicated to accelerating scientific discovery. The company provides data-centric solutions for R&D data that enable deeper insights from data and enable transformational changes in life sciences R&D.

TetraScience’s R&D Data Cloud delivers actionable scientific data to enterprise biotech organizations. It enables scientists to access scientific data, push data to various destinations, and improves data integrity.

TetraScience also provides data analytics and machine learning applications that serve as building blocks for future R&D discovery. With these tools, scientists can better analyze biometric data, understand disease mechanisms, and identify novel targets.

Life sciences R&D teams are facing a number of challenges when dealing with massive amounts of data. They also struggle with disparate lab equipment and heterogeneous data formats. These issues inhibit the ability of scientists to collaborate and move data between apps and platforms.

tetrascience’s revenue growth 1,000% uptick in annual recurring revenue

Among the life sciences, TetraScience, a spinoff of Harvard University, specializes in the R&D cloud and is arguably the first to deploy it. Its flagship product is a patented, cloud-based platform that enables scientists to create and share data with each other. This technology has already been deployed by 12 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, including Merck & Co., Novo Nordisk, and Bayer. TetraScience plans to double its team in the coming year, with the help of this latest round of funding.

The company boasts a 61-person workforce. The company has raised a total of $92 million since its founding, including a $80 million Series B round co-led by Insight Partners and Alkeon Capital in April of 2021. In addition to the aforementioned funding, TetraScience has also retained 95% of its Series B capital. This funding will enable the company to step up its go-to-market efforts and increase its technical skill set.

tetrascience’s aims to be the one to unlock experimental data for scientific and drug discovery

Originally launched by Alok Tayi, Salvatore Savo, and Siping Wang, TetraScience is a cloud-native scientific data cloud company that aims to unlock experimental data for scientific and drug discovery. TetraScience combines its expertise in scientific data science and R&D workflows with a full stack approach.


Tetra Science is a leading provider of an R&D data cloud. Tetra Science’s platform harmonizes scientific data from diverse sources, making it easier to extract and analyze. Tetra’s intelligent data cloud provides scalability and flexibility. It’s also a data-centric cloud, enabling AI-based capabilities and new data science applications.

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