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Despite its small size, Fy2020spanglervariety has a massive potential to make a big impact. After all, its founding team has been working for over a decade to make data easier to access and use. It also has an impressive list of partnerships with companies like SAP, and its data roadmap is filled with opportunities to expand its presence.

Series B funding

Earlier this year, supplier data foundation TealBook announced that it had secured $50 million in Series B funding. The financing included both new and returning investors. In addition to Ten Coves Capital, TealBook’s investors include BDC Capital, Good Friends, Grand Ventures, RTP Global, Workday Ventures, and RBC Ventures.

TealBook’s technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate, analyze, and distribute supply chain data to buyers. By combining data from hundreds of millions of sources across the web, the platform provides a detailed view of a buyer’s supplier base. It also features an executive contact list, a supplier description, and outreach capabilities. This allows companies to find and purchase goods from new suppliers that are more diverse and ethically-minded.

Founded by Stephany Lapierre, TealBook’s technology helps companies reach their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals by empowering their procurement teams with supplier data. TealBook’s technology also spotlights similar suppliers, giving buyers more visibility and increased accuracy. The company also helps buyers control spending and ensure a steady supply. Its data is updated and verified within days instead of weeks.

TealBook has partnerships with Workday, RapidRatings, and EcoVadis, among others. The company’s supplier data intelligence platform allows buyers to access data from 600 “concealed” databases. It is designed to help buyers find new suppliers fast and ensure they are buying from suppliers that are more diverse and ethically-minded.

Partnerships with SAP

Whether you’re looking to enhance your supplier data or reduce the cost of recurring services, TealBook can help. Recently, the company announced key partnerships with software providers, including SAP. As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP enables companies to run better and operate profitably. With its multi-cloud solutions, SAP improves the customer experience and transforms business processes. In the process, customers are able to make a difference worldwide tv bucetas.

Using artificial intelligence, TealBook enriches and integrates supplier data with existing ERP solutions. Customers can make faster, more informed sourcing decisions by leveraging the company’s third-party supplier information. In addition to helping customers make the most of the data they have already collected, TealBook plans to introduce new partnerships that will provide even more insight. Among its partners are EcoVadis, GEP, Ivalua, JAGGAER, and Workday. Among its many partnerships, TealBook is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program.

As the global economy continues to evolve in the digital age, it’s important to be able to take advantage of a new technological breakthrough. One such example is SAP’s ActiveAttention program, which includes SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Conversational AI. Using this program, companies can accelerate the innovation cycle and deliver new products and services faster. SAP’s collaboration with TealBook demonstrates its commitment to delivering solutions that help companies succeed.

Data roadmap

Using AI, TealBook updates supplier information in real time. In addition to this, TealBook provides an enhanced view of your supplier base, as well as reporting and outreach capabilities. You can use these tools to improve your supply chain and help your organization meet its ESG goals.

As a matter of fact, TealBook was named one of Spend Matters’ 50 Procurement Solutions to Know and the best supply chain solution. With this type of funding, TealBook has been able to expand into new sectors and attract new customers. The company recently announced its new partnership with SAP, and is planning to build solutions for their entire SAP Ariba portfolio. The company also announced a number of partnerships with software providers and other key players in the supply chain space.


One of the most interesting aspects of TealBook’s technology is its ability to capture supplier information from sources across the web. Using an AI engine, TealBook is able to crawl over 400 million websites to generate a comprehensive database. The company also has a few partnerships with software companies, such as Workday, EcoVadis, and RapidRatings. In addition, TealBook also has a robust set of ethical practices. The company’s main objective is to help companies find new procurement channels.

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