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Whether you’re just starting to look into the concept of using AI for your business or you’re already an expert, you’re going to want to consider the benefits of using PECAN. AI to help you manage your business. It’s a web-based, ai-based 35m series ggv 50m wiggersventurebeat platform that you can use to help manage your online business. Its platform features include:


Founded by Noam Brezis and Zohar Bronfman, Pecan AI is on a mission to help clients unlock the power of predictive analytics. Using low-code predictive modeling and data science, Pecan’s platform empowers business intelligence analysts to transform raw transactional data into accurate predictions. With this technology, users can predict revenue, profitability, and key performance indicators.

Pecan AI is a next-generation business intelligence platform that offers predictive models that are easier to use than competitors. Customers use Pecan to generate actionable insights that drive transformational improvements. The platform also helps clients integrate AI into their business intelligence processes. Since its founding in 2018, Pecan has raised over $50 million in funding, including a $35 million series B round led by GGV Capital. This funding round also included Vintage, Mindset Ventures, and Dell Technologies Capital. Pecan’s predictive models are continuously monitored, and the company continuously optimizes models with external data.

The Pecan AI platform is mainly used by retailers, mobile application developers, and makers of consumer products. Pecan has a number of data formats to support users’ needs. It can output predictions to third-party software. It also offers dashboards and data visualizations to show users how their decisions are impacting the business. It helps customers predict all sorts of outcomes, such as churn and retention, critical key performance indicators (CKPIs), and revenue-impacting risks.


Using a predictive analytics tool like Pecan, you can take your organization’s analytics to the next level. Not only can you predict mission-critical outcomes, you can also get actionable insights – and boost your company’s KPIs in the process. By leveraging AI, you can improve demand forecasting, improve conversion rates, and even boost customer retention.

Pecan isn’t just a data visualization tool; it’s also a machine learning platform that can automatically learn from data and then use that knowledge to predict future outcomes. Pecan can also make predictions using external data sources. As a result, you can put your data to work faster. For example, Pecan can predict future customer acquisition, sales, and retention rates, while also improving the way your team works together. In fact, Pecan has been credited with helping Johnson & Johnson survive a pandemic. Pecan also helps your team get the most out of your customer data by using artificial intelligence to improve your pricing, marketing, and supply-chain optimization efforts.


Using Pecan’s predictive analytics platform, you can make informed business decisions and improve revenue by optimizing customer experiences. With its intuitive and straightforward interface, you can build your own personalized predictive models and integrate them into your existing systems. You can also output predictions to third-party software. These predictive models can help you win back churned customers, improve customer retention, and boost sales. By automating data cleansing, feature engineering, encoding, and imputation, Pecan’s predictive analytics platform can help you transform data into actionable insights.

The Pecan platform helps you improve your customer’s lifetime value and churn probability. It does this by monitoring your customer’s behavior and optimizing your models with external data. You can also take advantage of Pecan’s dashboards and reports to make better business decisions. Pecan also helps you track the health of your customer relationships, giving you actionable insights into your most important customers. It even helps you win back customers you’ve lost in a remarketing campaign.


Using Pecan’s predictive analytics platform, we can help you find new customers, improve customer retention, and boost sales. We’ve helped brands like Johnson & Johnson improve the performance of their sales force and reduce their customer acquisition costs. Our team can also show you how to incorporate data in a variety of formats, including CSV, SQL, and Excel.

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