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Whether you are a new customer to Fy2020spanglervariety or have been working with the company for many years, you are likely aware of the company’s strong growth in the area of data science and integration. The company has recently launched several initiatives that are designed to encourage new customer partnerships, as well as the growth of existing customers. These include a new Partner Network, Customer Growth Program and Data science Partners Program.

ARR growth

Earlier this month, TetraScience, an R&D Data Cloud company, announced its latest round of financing: $80 million in Series B funding. Co-led by Insight Partners and Alkeon Capital, this latest funding round brings the company’s total capital to more than $108 million. It comes as the company continues to grow, having already attracted 12 of the world’s top 40 pharmaceutical companies.

TetraScience, which focuses on drug discovery and life sciences, aims to eliminate data silos and enable the scientific community to accelerate discovery. Through its platform, TetraScience provides data and services that enable scientific researchers to work together. Its mission is to accelerate discovery and improve and extend human life. TetraScience has been funded by a number of venture capital backers and has raised more than $92 million since 2019.

TetraScience is the first open R&D Data Cloud company. It has forged partnerships with over 20 innovative companies. These include AWS Life Sciences, Biovia, Deloitte, PerkinElmer Informatics, Shimadzu, and CTC. TetraScience recently announced a multi-million dollar partnership with Waters Corporation. In addition, it plans to double its team size and ramp up its go-to-market efforts.

Customer growth

Earlier this year, TetraScience announced that it had acquired a scientific data cloud, which is a cloud-native platform that transforms raw data into actionable data. The cloud is designed to accelerate scientific discovery and enable data-driven insights. It connects lab instruments, data apps, and informatics software to deliver scientific results. Currently, TetraScience’s Scientific Data Cloud is in use at ten of the top 20 pharma companies. Its mission is to accelerate scientific discovery and extend human life.

Unlike other cloud providers, TetraScience has the unique advantage of not only offering its cloud to its customers, but also allowing them to integrate their own data sources. This allows them to maximize the value of their data. TetraScience also boasts a best-in-class capital efficiency and operational excellence. This combination enables the company to deliver best-in-class customer growth.

Integration network

Whether you’re in the market for an R&D data platform or simply looking to boost your productivity with a scalable cloud based analytics solution, the Tetra Science suite has got you covered. With a suite of industry leading solutions including the Tetra Data Platform, TetraCloud, Tetra Cloud Data Services, and Tetra Data Management Services, the Tetra Science team is there to help you blaze the trail with your lab data analytics needs. With the Tetra Science suite of solutions, your lab data will be managed with speed, security, and accuracy. TetraScience solutions can also be accessed through the Tetra mobile app, making it easy for lab technicians to access data and analytics from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Data science partners

Founded by Harvard and MIT researchers, TetraScience has built an open, cloud-native R&D data cloud. It is designed to boost scientific discovery with data models and tools. Its technology allows for easier normalization, centralization, and search. These features enable better decision making and faster development time. TetraScience plans to increase its team size and expand its technical capabilities.

TetraScience’s Tetra Data Platform provides access to scientific data, harmonizes data, and customizes it for life science workflows. The platform also includes browsing features and full-text search. It is capable of processing and analyzing large amounts of data to accelerate time-to-insight. The company offers an API, cloud storage, and prebuilt integrations. It is geared toward the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. TetraScience counts over 100 leading pharmaceutical companies as customers.

ACD/Labs joins TetraScience’s partner network

Developed by ACD/Labs, the ACD/Spectrus Platform is a robust and efficient scientific data processing solution that enables scientists to make informed decisions based on their analytical data. The company also recently launched Luminata, an analytical data visualization tool that assembles and analyzes your data to uncover valuable information about impurity formation and substance impurity characterization. Luminata is built on ACD/Spectrus, so users can benefit from bidirectional instrument control and laboratory connectivity.

As part of this partnership, TetraScience and ACD/Labs will work together to provide seamless connectivity and end-to-end R&D data automation. This combination of technologies will enable customers to accelerate workflows and analyze scientific data with more specificity and accuracy.


ACD/Labs will also offer customers access to Tetra Data, which is vendor-agnostic and can be used across pharmaceutical pipelines. The ACD/Spectrus Platform will also make use of Tetra Data for its scientific data management capabilities. The platform is designed to provide users with a collaborative environment that will enhance scientific discovery.

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