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Should I Repair Or Replace My Commercial Locks?

This is a very common question that locksmiths are asked, and most of the time it is impossible to answer exactly because each person is going through a different situation, so you should evaluate your business, the weather, the atmospheric condition of the place, and many other things that could take time to check. That’s why today we have made, so to speak, some particular parameters so that you yourself can get rid of the doubt and know what is necessary for you. Ready? Here we go Result

Notable faults

There are different types of faults in a lock, sometimes even some may not come directly from the lock but from the key. If your lock starts to need a little push of the key to open, if it is sometimes stiff, if it is sometimes difficult to get the key out, we recommend a repair and if possible the maintenance of the lock, as it probably just needs a little oil and a check. 

If it presents more serious problems such as disassembly, total locking of the door, or clear rust to the eye, then it is better to change the lock, as it will only lead to a bigger problem.

Time of use 

An average lock has a lifespan of about 8 years, depending of course on the model, but this is a fairly accurate generalization. Starting from there, if your lock has already passed this time, it is more than time to change it, and if you are not sure because you are just opening your business, then it is better to do it since being insecure is not an answer, besides you don’t know how many people have the keys of that place.

Another issue is, if this lock is less than this time old but is still presenting small problems like you have to force it slightly to open, in that case, it is probably a small problem that can be fixed with a lock repair and even a check of the current key. 

Current systems

This is already a bit optional as long as the original lock, i.e. the one you have now, still complies with being a lock with e.g. a particular security system such as anti-bumping. In that case, it is fine to keep it, maybe a little maintenance is enough. In case your lock is already too old and you are here just to make sure it is the right thing to do, change it for something more up to date digitalpinas.

In fact, aside from the whole repair or replacement thing, we recommend that if you can afford it, you should replace all of your locks with an electronic system at all, which will serve your business much better no matter what it is. 

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