Strategies for AFK Grinding in Moonlight Sculptor and Suggested Locations

The act of grinding is a major part of becoming more powerful in “Moonlight Sculptor“. It can be laborious, particularly if you are a novice. To make your grinding experience more efficient, you should pick the appropriate spot and devise a sound tactic. In this article, we will offer advice on how to AFK grind productively in “Moonlight Sculptor” and suggest some hunting spots for different levels.

Discovering an ideal spot for grinding can be a tricky endeavor. Selecting a place for grinding requires a considered approach that takes into account the various factors involved.

Before beginning your grinding, it is important to locate a hunting ground that matches your character’s abilities and level. Generally, the level recommended for the main quest is higher than your character’s, so it is necessary to increase your level and enhance your attributes prior to engaging in a lengthy grinding session.

When it comes to finding a place to hunt monsters, you want an area where they can be defeated in three hits at most while using minimal potions. If the monsters have lower attributes than you, then you may still have success grinding on them. Although, the experience won’t be as much, it will be more efficient. If you can take down the map boss, it is recommended to stay in that area for grinding.

Prior to beginning the grinding process, it is essential to review your inventory. If the inventory is over 100%, your attack and motion speeds will be diminished. If it surpasses 150%, you will not be able to pick up any items and your stamina and mana will not replenish.

Here are a few hints for grinding even if you’re not present at your computer:

  1. Use Macros: Programs like AutoHotKey can be used to automate actions like mining or gathering resources.
  2. Levelling Up Alts: Create a new character and level them up while you’re away.
  3. Setting Up an AFK Farm: You can set up an automatic farm with the help of a mod that can tend your crops while you’re away.
  4. Utilizing the Auction House: Set up automated bids and sales to make money while you’re away from the game.

Constantly paying attention to the game enables you to acquire items and then sell them for a reasonable profit. However, if you grind for an extended period, it can be difficult to collect groceries due to their weight. To grind for an extended period and not have to keep checking the game, you can use the AFK mode.

“Moonlight Sculptor” has an AFK mode that allows you to keep progressing even when you’re not actively playing. However, it is important to keep an eye on your inventory weight in order to prevent it from exceeding the limit. Additionally, select a safe location before activating the AFK mode to stop yourself from being attacked by monsters or other players.

Players can collaborate by forming teams together. It is beneficial to work in a group, as this increases the chances of success in any given task.

Gathering together with other gamers can be advantageous for grinding, particularly when it is necessary to accomplish monotonous tasks in a short amount of time. In addition, the number of enemies slain by your allies will also add to your assignment progress. However, there are downsides to joining up with other players as well.

Each team member will receive an equal portion of experience, however, if two or more people attack the same creature, the effectiveness of the group will diminish. Consequently, it is better to play alone for now.

Below are a few suggested spots for grinding, depending on your level:

Players in the level range of 40-65 should consider Lizardman Canyon as a great grinding spot. Three hits or less can take out the monsters, and if you’re lucky, you may find a blue ring with MP related attributes from the map boss. It’s suggested that players go solo and pick up any items dropped for a steady income.

The Ant Cave is a tougher hunting ground than Lizardman Canyon, but it is possible to get hold of purple tier 3 gear. The map boss gives out an earring that improves your chances of getting items. It is recommended that you grind solo or with a smaller group.

At the Lavias grinding spot, players can get gold-level equipment. The map boss has a chance of dropping gloves with charm and blindness attributes. It is recommended to grind alone or with a small group.

In order to better one’s AFK in Moonlight Sculptor, there are certain measures that should be taken.

When playing “Moonlight Sculptor”, one way to AFK for long periods of time is to use the online Android emulator Redfinger. It can be a great asset to those who want to keep their characters online for the full 24 hours of the day, while they attend to other matters. To access Redfinger and use it for the game, these are the procedures to follow:

Start by locating the Redfinger app on Google Play and downloading it, or alternatively, visit the Redfinger website and use the app directly there. After that, follow the sign-in steps to enter the cloud-based smartphone. In case of any issues, tutorial videos are available to provide assistance.

To begin, type “Moonlight Sculptor” in the search field of the Redfinger APP Store. Subsequently, proceed with downloading and installing the game in Redfinger. Lastly, start the game and have fun playing “Moonlight Sculptor” utilizing Redfinger.

Ending Summary

Grinding in Moonlight Sculptor can be a great way to make money, but it can also be very time consuming. For this reason, it is important to use an Android emulator, like CloudEmulator, to provide assistance in AFK grinding.

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