Top 5 URL Shortening Services

URL Shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web to make the Uniform Resource Locator shorter, while still directing users to the desired page. The technique works by redirected links, which change the original URL’s shortened version to the longer one. This can greatly reduce the number of characters in your website’s URL. It can also be very effective for businesses. Listed below are some of the best ย่อลิงค์ services:


If you’re interested in increasing your social media sales, Linktree URL shortening is a great solution. The site allows you to customize your landing page and track how many visitors clicked on your links. You can also use Linktree for business purposes. To learn more, read on! -Linktree has several advantages over TinyURL. It offers analytics and is free to use. Plus, it lets you share links to your social media pages with ease.

Unlike other เว็บย่อลิงค์ services, Linktree is a social media platform where you can add multiple links to your profile. This way, you don’t have to create separate links for every platform. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the limitations of social media pages -you can use Linktree’s link to promote your business across all of them. In addition, you can share your links with other users via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, too!


URL shortening tools help you manage and track links to your site. Using a URL shortener is especially useful for social media marketing and for tracking link clicks. Using shortened URLs with your domain name will make your link more professional. You can use these tools for both email and IM. If you use the short URL for social media, remember that your followers cannot click on the link unless they can see the domain name. Similarly, long URLs can look sketchy to new customers. Keeping your link short and to the point will help you increase social media engagement.

Rebrandly offers a free plan with as many URLs as TinyURL’s paid plan. However, if you’re a frequent user of the free plan, you might not be aware of Rebrandly’s paid plan. If you’re looking for the best URL shortener for Facebook, the answer is the one with the most features at the lowest price. The Pro tier of Rebrandly costs $79 per month. It allows you to create 15,000 branded links and track 150,000 clicks.


GoLinks Short URL is an excellent option for companies that want to share resources and information in a more personal way. The service offers both a personal and business account that are free to use. Shortening links helps you create links that are easily readable, memorable and shareable verbally. Additionally, the short URLs make it much easier to share links with others, and are accessible to the entire organization.

For businesses, it helps in streamlining knowledge sharing and finding information quickly. Instead of memorizing long URLs, you can simply remember a few words and use GoLinks to find the document you’re looking for. Then, all you have to do is navigate to the GoLinks dashboard, enter the Destination URL, and your Link Name. The system will then transform your long URL into a shorter one.

Urchin Tracker

Using the Urchin Tracker for URL shortening is an excellent way to measure the success of marketing campaigns. By adding Urchin Tracking Module parameters to any URL, you can track visitors to your website, as well as the source and medium of each visitor’s journey to your site. The results of this type of tracking allow you to tweak your marketing strategy to maximize your marketing dollars. This tool can turn any link into a targeted ad that converts visitors into customers.


The Urchin Traffic Monitor is a patent-pending system that provides precise measurement of unique website visitors. It combines server and client-side information to provide business owners with more detailed statistics. This helps them identify the unique visitors, click paths, and return-customer loyalty metrics. The Urchin Traffic Monitor can be installed on the web server of any website. You’ll get more accurate data from Urchin, as you won’t need to pay any monthly subscription fees to use this tool.

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